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Meet the Soul Sister Travels Team

"With powerful passion and adventurous spirit, we look forward to curating your journey."

Our Founders

Travel, business, and heart have always been interwoven in my world.

As a young girl, I was fascinated when my father would travel to different places and share all the enriching cultural experiences. A passion that ultimately launched my career path and so much more; a desire for travel with connecting the beauty and true essence of humanity.
My 30+ year career and leadership in the corporate travel & hospitality industry has nurtured an in depth understanding and extensive knowledge of how to create and manage broad travel experiences. Managing the many business aspects while incorporating the importance of collaborating the business world with life give-backs. 

Personally, I have journeyed the globe with a soaring heart to participate in several non-profit volunteer trips and many inspiring retreats. Each experience leaving a burning desire for more; more connectivity, more compassion, more love.

Navigating my next path was inevitable~ to curate trips for those seeking adventures of the heart. I have blended these purposeful skills along with exposing my superpower of giving, to craft the most memorable experiences that make a difference for all.

I’m full of joy to share my shining light with you, one journey at a time!

Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard has played a strong role in cultivating my love for travel and in developing an appreciation the role travel plays in adding joy, fulfillment and excitement to each of our lives.

Most of my 20s were spent working in tourism while saving money to travel the world. I learned first-hand the impact personal interactions and connections played in deepening a travel experience extending beyond the place itself. I quickly developed a philosophy for a meaningful travel experience; approaching a new place with an openness for the people, respect for their cultures and meaningful soul-filled experiences. It solidified my belief that we are all truly one; connected at the deepest level. 


I got a “real job” in my 30s, married and started a family. Yet in spite of this more conventional way of living, my husband and I still managed to incorporate interesting and off the beaten path experiences with the desire to do more. 

Recently, I combined my love for travel with a more purpose-filled adventure and traveled with my son to Kibera, Kenya, the largest urban slum in Africa. We volunteered in two local schools, including one where we have been  sponsoring a child and his education. To say this was life changing and affirming is an understatement; watching my son hug and be hugged by our 14-year old sponsored child, filled my heart to overflowing.


So here I am with my soul sister, Kathy; two kindred spirits who love travel and adventure and who value genuine and soul enriching connections.


We are so excited to share our passion with you!

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